It was my absolute privilege to be part of an A4WH camp in Solukhumbu, Nepal.

The conditions we endured were very harsh with near-freezing conditions, very basic accommodation and food.  We worked in a hospital where we would face enormous challenges with cleanliness, limited surgical equipment and sterility.   We would come to know just how creative we could be in stretching our resources, where “recycling” came to take on a meaning that the developed world would simply not comprehend.

Our patients walk for up to a week to reach our camp for treatment; there is no other way for them.  Their genital damage is so horribly disfiguring it could almost make you cry.  But after their surgery it is simply sensational to see their gorgeous faces light up.  Their dignity is restored and they can return to a productive life.  These women express their gratitude in such moving ways: they hug you so earnestly; some even do a little dance and play happy music for us in the post-op. ward!

I feel so proud to be part of a team that can create such profound changes to a woman’s life.  Just as these women can’t express their thanks in words because they speak no English, I can’t express my absolute joy in helping them because there are no words that can really describe this magical feeling.  This all leaves me no other course but to join Ray in his tireless fight for these women, raising awareness and funds to enable this incredible, life-changing work to continue.

So Ray: from the bottom of my heart—thank you!

Louise Harper
Registered Nurse