I am a Registered Nurse working in the Operating Theatres of Tweed Heads Hospital.  I am also a devoted supporter of the organisation, Australians for Women’s Health and its inspiring Director Dr Ray Hodgson.  (I’m wearing the striped hat).

I was privileged to be a volunteer member of the A4WH surgical camp to Phaplu.  This camp proved to be a life-changing experience, not only for the amazing women and their families in Nepal, but for me and the generous people who donated their time and funds to this very worthwhile cause.

Ray is an extremely energetic and inspirational man and as part of his team, I found an ability to rise to challenges and help develop innovative solutions to problems as they arose.  This proved to be a wonderful personal development opportunity which I hope to repeat many times over.   A4WH provided a safe environment in a remote area which allowed our team to work efficiently and also afforded us the opportunity to be part of the community in this region of Nepal.

A4WH is determined to continue this wonderful work and I will continue to assist in any capacity I can.

Many thanks to A4WH for affording me this amazing experience!

Jayne Rogers
Registered Nurse