The Nepal Department of Health is grateful to Australians for Women’s Health (A4WH) for the exceptional work it has provided to the underprivileged women of Nepal.  A4WH has performed many life-changing operations on these women, often under extremely difficult circumstances.  A4WH has been responsible for the extensive training of numerous local gynaecology surgeons.

The Nepal Department of Health is also very appreciative of A4WH’s extensive contribution to local midwife training, particularly in the area of Focussed Obstetric Ultrasound.  A4WH training is having a major impact on the competence of Nepalese Skilled Birth Attendants, and this is essential to the reduction of maternal and perinatal mortality in our country.

It was a great pleasure working closely with Dr Ray Hodgson.  Through his compassion, humility and tireless work, he has been inspirational to his teams from Australia and to the local medical and nursing staff.

In the years to come we look forward to the development of numerous projects in collaboration with A4WH to further improve the lives of the disadvantaged women of Nepal.

Dr Mingmar G. Sherpa
Director-General of Health