Christmas Gift Ideas that Save Lives

This Christmas, instead of buying your family or friends unwanted gifts, consider giving the most precious gift of all – saving a life!  Australians for Womens Health have a number of gift ideas that you can purchase in the name of your friend.  You will receive a gift certificate naming your gift which you can give to you friends or family.  Go to our DONATE link to purchase and make a difference in the lives of women and children in Nepal.

$20 buys Hospital Blankets – Keeps mums and babies warm in the foothills of the Himalayas

$40 buys a Secure Medicine Cupboard to keep Vital medicines secure.

$80 buys a Labour Ward Examination Light  

Adequate light is crucial for the safe birth of babies.  Power supply is unreliable in Nepal. All hospital lights need a backup battery supply.

$100 buys taps to supply Clean Water – vital for sanitation in our hospital

$150 buys a Newborn Baby Cot –  vital for the care of the newborn babies in poor health.

$300 buys Caesarean Section Instruments

So many babies’ lives are saved with emergency caesarean sections.  The hospital requires several sets of instruments to provide this crucial on-going care.



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